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How to use the anti-decubitus air mattress?

1. When laying the anti-decubitus air mattress, be sure to place the side with the tubular air cushion upwards. When laying an air mattress, the air inlet should be placed at the foot of the patient to minimize the impact of airflow noise on the patient.
2. When placing the anti-decubitus air mattress on the bed, the brown bed and the steel wire bed must be placed on a layer of quilt before placing the air mattress on it, so as to prevent the air mattress from being worn by the hard brown bed and steel wire bed.
3. When preparing to inflate, the air mattress should be flattened and inflated before normal use. Generally, the first inflation time is about 30 minutes.
4. When inflating, first check whether the pressure of the air pump is adjusted to the maximum. The first inflation should be adjusted to the maximum. After it is full, the power should be adjusted to the middle.
5. Be sure to lay a layer of cotton blanket with good air permeability on the surface of the air mattress (the thickness of the cotton blanket is determined according to the climate, and straw mats can also be laid in summer).

6. The strip-type air cushion is inflated with an air pump, and the inflatable tube is connected to the air nozzle.
7. Open the carton packaging of the air pump, connect the air outlet on the air pump to the vent pipe joint, and inhale through the safety ring on the edge of the mattress to ensure that the catheter is not dismantled and bent.
8. The anti-decubitus air mattress can be placed flat on the bed and covered with a sheet on the upper surface, only for single use.

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