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What is the role of the anti-decubitus air mattress in preventing bedsores?

      The anti-decubitus air mattress has a significant effect on the prevention and physical therapy of decubitus ulcers, and can be used for paralysis, burns, fractures, traction, postoperative care, and special care for coma patients with cardiovascular disease. , bedridden for a long time, difficult to turn over by himself. It has been widely used in the daily care of large and medium-sized hospitals and elderly apartments. So what is the role of the anti-decubitus air cushion in preventing decubitus ulcers?
      Bedsores usually occur in people who have been bedridden for long periods of time due to illness or disability. People who are bedridden for a long time are unable to adjust their body position independently due to physical weakness or physical disability or loss of consciousness, and stay in the same lying position for a long time. In this case, if care is neglected, bedsores are likely to develop. The anti-decubitus mattress, through the circulation and rolling of the air cushion, can prevent the patient’s muscle tissue from being fixed and accumulated at a certain point and causing necrosis. Exchange oxygen and nutrients so that cells do not die, ultimately treating and preventing bedsores.
      The anti-decubitus air cushion is mainly to prevent bedsores.
      1. Prevention and treatment of bedsores: The anti-bedsore air cushion is specially developed and produced for bedridden patients. It can prevent bedsores caused by long-term contact between the body and the mattress, poor ventilation, and blocked blood circulation.
      2. Wave massage: The anti-decubitus air cushion is arranged with horizontal air bags, and the odd and even air bags are alternately flushed and deflated every 10-20 minutes, thereby changing the contact part between the human body and the air cushion. Massage the area properly to improve blood circulation.
      3. Soft fleece fabric: The anti-decubitus air cushion is made of high-strength soft fleece fabric, which is as soft as high-grade deerskin, soft and comfortable, non-slip and close to the body, cool and sweat-absorbing, high-end luxury, and easy to clean.
      What is the role of the anti-decubitus air cushion in preventing decubitus ulcers? Through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows it. The high-frequency rotation of the anti-decubitus air cushion can massage the whole body, promote blood circulation and relax muscles. At the same time, the gaps created by the waves allow the air to circulate naturally, allowing the skin to breathe fresh air 24 hours a day, which is good for preventing bedsores. Influence.

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