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True source technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

True source Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Founded in Shenzhen in June 2005, in this era when the electronic technology industry spreads across the global market, we take the concept of innovation; insist that quality is the life of the enterprise; only reasonable prices can make the concept of sustainable operation in the market put into this crowded electronic technology industry middle.

Exquisite and perfect products, in addition to ingenious manufacturing skills, the selection of materials is the basis for creating perfect products.
For exquisite and perfect products, what else can we do besides admiration and admiration? ...... Continue the soul of perfect products.
The skills of creation come from talent and diligent learning, but creators often face the frustration of hard to find friends and no resources. To provide real high-quality parts for the manufacture of perfect products has become our mission "Top product with True Source" .
This concept has allowed us to step into the vast field of parts sales. Excellent product manufacturers choose real components, which is the primary condition for manufacturing good products. Without real good parts, no matter how good the craftsmanship is, time will eventually disuse.
Among the world-renowned and reputable high-quality products, we strictly control to provide the best quality parts, so that the craftsmanship of the high-quality products can be continued, and every part is the key.
Since its establishment, our company has obtained the agency and sales of high-quality products, strict screening, professional evaluation, and actively promoting the concept of high-quality products starting from parts. ECE, the agent of Taiwan Jamicon, has successfully recommended dozens of regional high-quality parts into the products of international brand manufacturers. At present, there are dozens of regional high-quality parts manufacturers cooperating with our company.
High-quality products need a high-quality professional sales team, professional division of labor, the essential learning ability of Lean employees, the system for team members, and the training of Lean professional, so that every Insusuo employee can feel the honor and responsibility of Lean professional, A solid system allows customers and employees to experience solid protection and trust.
Refinement and perfection can last forever, and good products are praised by people. To make good products, each part needs to have perfect performance, and to provide the most realistic products, in addition to cost considerations, it also needs professional verification. Let you feel: real good products, real good prices, real service quality
Manufacturers of high-quality products are welcome to recognize and join us to provide you with a guarantee of high quality and reputation, and jointly create sustainable and endless business opportunities for truly good products.